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I remember Target had a display of wine next to her album??? Keep your kids fed and your wallet tight. Girl gets punched and fucked. Everyone has their own definition. Lil boosie naked. Thanks for the hugs. I wanted to go to freaknik so bad after seeing Tia and Tamera go on sister sister.

He is a vibrant, active, intelligent and sweet as pie 5 year old now. I aint got time to lay down and spoon. The gold plated bible though?! Was trying to get this house together. Cuss him out or nah? She could do better in the looks dept. So is Floyd a trick or nah? But this isnt the time considering your father. Naked on board. It was nothing like on tv? I will look into that procedure, if this is the case- which I think it is. He one who dont learn either. Been worried about cha.

I cannot get over how amazing he looks. Yes and thank you. I can take it. Yeah he can still get it! I went and got an MRI and two hours later, they told me I had got cancer. Remind him subliminals are not needed. But bc she a HOE everyone tried to dismiss her word. Why does Meek Mill always look like he has the nervous shidz???

Also, Wut him real good to remind you that he is to f you, not f with you? Please say it aint so lol. His crackhead probably fuk the piss the ya?? Not at all…I read what he typed.

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He done told his momma not to eat his fries on more than one occasion. 38 year old milf. Go for it anyway. What is that, velvet? Superhead BEEN said he abusive. Lil boosie naked. After pleading guilty to a third-offense marijuana charge, Hatch was sentenced to four years and entered prison in Envy got a puffy lil face.

Today Show is horrible without Ms. I dated his cousin Jay Mccrary, allegedly? She looks tacky and cheap. Sandra you play too much Lol. Meek Mill looks confused per usual.

I sense sugar in envys tank. Bff was like he love you. Thugs love violence so he probably meant exactly what he typed. Sexy boobs cum. Snoring loud then silence stop breathing then the snoring starts again. I hate that entire pink outfit. As you said, females. In the Instagram videosBoosie is seen on the beach and in the water dancing with groups of girls. He got the herp too. He probably just lick random shit. I was hurtin' man because I already lost two aunties and an uncle to cancer in so I was hurting.

I went and got an MRI and two hours later, they told me I had got cancer. And now a second kid is involved in HIS mess. Sharon big tits. I heard that rich ninjas out numbered thots 10 to 1 this past week in New Orleans. My daughter suffered from it years ago, but it was an easy fix and grandson had to have tonsils and adenoids removed at 18 months due to it- so I know some symptoms.

My mom in law has it and I believe my husband is showing signs as well.

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Been worried about cha.

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They then used this newfound fame to get an interview with a college newspaper and talk about sex positivity. It was nothing like on tv? Shut the front door? Wow she looks like a completely different person. Not trying to impose but these last few years been a bish on most folks.

You guys know what that is all about. Big tits theater. They say busta be bussing them boys ass …. Lil boosie naked. I like Envy and his wife? His crackhead probably fuk the piss the ya??

Hit him in the nuts. African massive tits Tell me about it.

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