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July 9, at Her breast is touching a pillow in the first pic; the pillow could have elevated it so that the nipple is visible. Sexy naked compilation. As to her gravure: Plus, a nipple at that height?

It really makes me smile seeing morons pretend to be wise. Sugihara anri nude. If that is a nipple then she has some deformed boobs. Are you color blind? If it really is hair shadow, how does an extremely thin section of hair create a thick shadow, which is far darker and more noticeable than the longer, thicker lock of hair directly above it?

March 1, at November 19, at November 17, at February 20, at The color of it is common for many Asian women. Working for perfection is an admirable goal, but expecting, or demanding it is wrong.

The hair was curled in such a way, and with the right lighting, that it appears like a nipple. January 20, at It seems that you lack experience with women. Notice the position of her torso in pic 1 and pic 2. Pretty crazy trick of the light, especially since it looks just like something that should be there in the first place: Some of you have horrid monitors.

Might not be a nipple, but it is something and not a trick of the light. Aubri ebony nude. You male Otakus should date more. March 5, at Paintings of Anri here: December 9, at Seriously how can people think thats a nipple? First of, you said the 1st pic had 7 beads while the other got 9. I have seen the full size version and I declare it a nipple.

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And for those who are getting suspicious, yes, I am of the female gender. By the way, what is the point of enlarging way beyond? Bizarre how much it looks like a nipple, though. Sheer pantyhose milf. The color of it is common for many Asian women. Notice the position of her torso in pic 1 and pic 2.

Zoom in the pic at max and yes all it is is just lighting and shadow to create the outline of a nipple. Sugihara anri nude. Get glasses you blind niggers. February 1, at I saved the pic, zoomed it, played with contrast, brightness, color balance, etc. It indeed is hair and shadow. June 9, at Maybe Minorin or Gotouza-sama would be up to the task, though. Those shadows just happen to make the wrong shape. Lesbian pussy orgy. June 22, at Man, my eyes deceived me at first.

The placement might look a little out of place but that is just because the breast was smooshed against a pillow. Who the fuck thinks that is a nipple? I enlarged image then zoomed out to the max and all i saw was hair and its shadow, no traces of nippleā€¦.

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Whatever the case, it is an effective marketing tool, as doubtless few would have heard of her update otherwise. And besides, who am I to take that away from you? Possibly a problem with the [presumably digital] camera which took the picture. I think its easier to see its hair if you look at where the hair overlaps her cloths. The hair makes the basic outline of the nipple, the shadow of the swirl of hair makes the colour change of the nipple.

Leave a Comment X Comment. Ever seen an optical illusion before? As to her gravure: April 9, at November 17, at I have seen the full size version and I declare it a nipple. December 9, at

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